About Us

I hope that you find this site useful, and we welcome your contact with us to enrich us with your opinions and suggestions about developing this site and improving it.

The Company

At the outset, I am pleased to welcome you to our website, which was created to be a means of guidance, assistance and communication with all beneficiaries and partners regarding our business and to clarify its procedures, systems and multiple services. The role entrusted in development and upgrading its level to match international standards in developed countries, in order to reach support and strive towards transformation into a knowledge society and the preparation of high qualifications that contribute to qualifying them to be makers of renaissance and development.

Also, the official website was established in order to provide full information to our dear customers in addition to answering all their questions, so we resolved to adopt the electronic system in all its transactions, as a contribution to improving the quality of services provided, facilitating the task of the beneficiaries and achieving the highest levels of transparency and reliability in all its procedures.

In conclusion, I must refer to the important role played by the administrative staff, which works in the spirit of one team, each according to its competence, to reach the desired goal, believing in the comprehensive vision of building a knowledge society and reaching scientific leadership.


22A,Northern Investors, New Waterway, New Cairo
18 Abd el-taif soufani Street, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria
25 Abdel Hamid Al-Abadi Street, Stanley, Alexandria